Thursday, September 29, 2011

CT Wednesday....I mean Thursday!

Hey everyone!  I am a day late getting this posted, but better late than never, right?!  Today you are going to meet Sharon aka sellman!  This is what Sharon has to say about herself:

I am Sharon and am a high school photography teacher and a professional photographer. I've been taking photos since I was in junior high school and I absolutely love it. I started digiscrapping in 2009 and it's so amazing. I love taking photos with a page in mind. I have so many photos I don't feel like I'll ever catch up on my scrapping but it sure is fun to try

My favorite thing to photograph is sports. I worked at newspapers for almost 20 years before opening my own studio so I've had the opportunity to take photos of NFL games, NBA games, NHL games, the Superbowl, Presidential Candidates and state and local politicians. Photography has taken me to all kinds of amazing places in my life. I blog about my photo adventures on posting my favorites and the stories behind them.

I joined my first creative team about a year ago and I really love the challenge of scrapping on deadline. But my favorite way to scrap is to take two or three different kits and pull out my favorite pieces from each to make a page. I'm eclectic and mixing and matching make me happy.

I have a husband, a cute little shelter dog, five beautiful nieces and a nephew. They are my favorite scrapping subjects.

Here are some awesome layouts from Sharon that are among her favorites!

Atomic Cupcake action on the letters, everything else is a photo (Photos of my family at Christmas)
Always and Forever Kit by Stacey's Scraps (Photos from a recent wedding I shot)
 Basic Patterns Kit by Lacey Bittner Designs (Photos of my cousins kids)
 Early Bird Kit by Sweet Blossom Designs (Photos from another recent wedding)
 Fly Ladybug Kit by Artgal Style (Photos taken of some of my favorite little models in my brand new studio)
 Happy Days Kit by A Work in Progress Designs by Vicki (Photos of my cute puppy)
It's a Boy Thing Kit by Lacey Bittner Designs (Photos taken for a teacher friend of mine)
 Jolly Christmas Kit - A Work in Progress Designs by Vicki (Photos of me and my husband as Christmas)
Old Glory Kit by Artgal Style (Photos taken on the fourth of July with my best friend)
Smores and Campfires Kit by Lacey Bittner Designs (Photos taken for a corporate account I have)
 Plastic tabs by Gunhild Storeide everything else is a photo from my iPhone (Photo conference in Vegas with my husband)
Awesome work Sharon!  I love your layouts AND your aweome photos you take!

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