Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dipping a toe (or whole foot) into digi-scrapping/designing!

So, I have always kind of played around in Photoshop and go through spurts of buying digital kits and such to play with.  This summer, I got the full edition of Photoshop and spent most of the summer designing papers and some templates, which I absolutely loved!  Since I have been scrapping for years, I have ideas of papers and elements that I would love to see whether it is paper scrapping or digital, so I decided why not try my hand at designing?  Jessica Sprague has a class called The Art of Digital Design that I am going to take in March and her prerequisites are two other classes, Digi In Deep and Digi in Deeper.  I am currently taking Digi In Deep and loving it!  Here is the layout we had to complete for class:
It was a lot of fun and I learned tons of new techniques.  We had another assignment challenge to create a layout using a compound mask with an ellipse and square design. We also had to include two of three things, which I did all three- create an opaque journal box, add brushes to title, and using a clipping mask to "wrap" ribbon/floss around an image.  This was my take:
So I'm having a super fun time taking these classes and I am super excited to take the Design class so I can learn all the aspects of designing from actually creating papers, embellishments, and templates to learning how to sell them and all the stuff that goes along with it!  So in the upcoming weeks and months, I am hoping to start sharing digital freebies here on the blog while I learn the ropes some more :)  This doesn't mean that I am going all digital- I LOVE paper scrapping more than anything but I am really enjoying this too... a little of this, a litle of that- you know!  I am also hoping to share my first few weeks of Project Life here in the next day or two also, so be on the lookout for that!

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  1. these are really fun Lacey! I would have no idea how to make my own digi stuff but I love playing with all the stuff that I buy!