Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Done!!

So, after what feels like an eternity, my December Daily album is done and I am so happy with how it turned out!  I don't know why but I didn't ever get around to getting day 6 done, so here it is:

Super basic and plain but I was getting to the point where I just wanted to have it done as we are in January already!!  Here is day 21 with my favorite picture of my little man Landon.

Again, basic is the name of the game.  I cut out a file folder from my Silhouette and added a few pictures of some of my favorite christmas decorations, my journaling for the day, and a hidden tag of journaling about some memories of christmas past.  And page 2 is of course taken up with the huge photo of my little guy!  Day 22 almost seems like a repeat of another page I did, huh?  Well it basically is because I had to re-make a bunch of treats that my husband and son blew through in a few days- okay maybe I had a few myself :)  I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to be sure it was added in my album.

Day 23.  Hubby actually took a picture of me with the boys!  I didn't even have to ask twice.  He said, well you probably don't have too many pictures of you since you are always the one taking them.  Sometimes he surprises me!  Gotta love it!

Day 24.  Aidan is quite the little photographer!  I asked him to take a picture of me wrapping the last few presents figuring they would be of just my head or half of me or something but he did great!  All of the pictures on this layout were courtesy of my 3-1/2-year-old!  Way to go Aidan!

And for day 25, the one we had all been waiting for! 

Again, really really basic.  Just wanted to focus on the pictures and journaling.  I decided to add pages of what the boys got for Christmas and from who as I look back on my Christmases as a kid and don't remember it all.  Thought it would be fun.  One other thing I added to page 9, I belive, is an envelope with receipts in it from Target, Wal-Mart, grocery store.  Thought it might be neat to look back on in a few years to see what prices and such were!
So my next project is Becky Higgin's Project Life.  I got the Turquoise Edition and thought it would be really fun to document our first year with two kids!  It is fun just to see the day-to-day stuff that goes on and not just the special times like holidays, birthdays, etcetera.  I have even debated getting another one just to do Landon's first year in as I write things down each day in a notebook of what he does.  Still contemplating that, who knows!

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